How To Increase Telegram Post Views

Currently, one the most popular social media in the word is a Russian based platform named “Telegram”.

This really fast and easy to use messenger has various versions compatible to Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone, Linux, and Macintosh operation systems.

Telegram channels are excellent routes to informing and advertising in which you have an infinite space to share the posts and you can also have an infinite post views.

If you are running an advertising Telegram channel, it is very important to your business to have a high number of members who are not random people but the people who you want to share the contents of your channel with.

In the present article, we are going to teach you how to increase the critical number of the views of your Telegram Channel posts.

It is not an easy task to do and needs a lot of efforts and tricks that we are covering some here.

add fake members to Telegram channel

add fake members to Telegram channel

Note: Don’t add fake members to your channel

This advice is somehow a matter of debate; some experts believe this could help the manager to make a good first impression on the people who he/she wants to join the channel.

In contrast, some people think this could be not good for channel. But who are right?

Let us give you an example; consider you own a Telegram channel with 50K members.

When someone new visits your channel and he/she is hesitating to join your channel.

high number of the members is impressive at first but as soon as he/she looks at the views of your posts.

he/she find out that the members are fake and he/she loses the trust in your channel and runs away.

So, don’t make or buy any fake member for your channel.

You can submit link in Telegram directory and get more members.

Some tricks to increase Telegram members and post views

Now you learned how bad is adding fake members to your Telegram channels.

It’s the time to learn how to gain some real members.

Here is some tricks to Increase Telegrams post views.

Of course there may be some other tricks, but we tried to offer you the most critical ones.

Increase the number of your Telegram channel members

If you want to your posts in your Telegram channel to be seen frequently.

Obviously you have to have a lot of members in your channel.

You can also read Telegram auto add member article for this purpose.

It’s so hard at first to get some members but the more your telegram channel members be, the more joining rate of members be.

Scroll down to learn how to add many members to your channel.

increase Telegram members and post views

increase Telegram members and post views

1-Take the initial principles seriously

It is very critical to have a unique and beautiful profile photo.

Write an attractive and truthfully bio for your channel and define the channel goals.

If you are planning to make money from your Telegram channel.

Then you have to find an excellent idea, but don’t rush into making a channel.

First you have to polish your idea and then make the channel.

Finally, choose a short and attractive address to your channel and buy Telegram vote for polls.

2-Start up by inviting your friends

As you know, when you don’t have any member in your channel, it’s harder to get members.

That is because when someone visits your channel and doesn’t see any member, she/he doesn’t trust your Telegram channel and leave immediately.

Above mentioned situation is specific to strangers.

Anyone has some friends and family members who always are there for him/her.

It is not a lot to ask a friend to be a member of your Telegram channel.

Sometimes a good friend even brings some other people to support your business.

This kind of networking is easiest way to raise the number of your Telegram channel members at the beginning.

It doesn’t cost you anything and if you have extensive social relationships.

It helps you increase your channel members up to a few hundreds easily.

So the key to a successful start at making a business Telegram channel is to not be shy and be an expert in social communications.

You should be very active at cyberspace and also in real life.

Try to make new friends and don’t lose your existing ones.

Try to be in touch with your far away friends and increase Telegram post views just contact us.

When you’re in regular touch with people, it’s easiest to ask them for a favor.

If you are a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan you probably remember when Chandler wanted to ask a high school classmate.

who he was not in touch for a long time, to get an audition for Joey and you remember how hard it was for him.

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3-Add a small number of fake accounts to you Telegram channel

It’s OK to add just a few fake members to your channel at start, but it has to be up to 500 not more.

You can use some software and robots to make fake members.

but if you don’t know how to do that, then you have to disburse a little bit and buy some fake members.

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